On the West Pier

  • On the West Pier (1897?)
  • Scene on Brighton Beach (1896)
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Date [1897?]
Production James Williamson
Themes Early film in the South East; Seaside
Summary Visitors to the West Pier filmed from a single fixed position by James Williamson in the late 1890s.
Description Visitors to the West Pier, old and young, male and female, pass before the camera. The promenaders look and wave in its direction. Some carry parasols or push prams. Men wear bowler hats, top hats or boaters. All are smartly dressed for their day out. Young boys tip their hats and bow to the camera.
Keywords Piers [West Pier, Brighton]; Piers; Everyday Life; Beaches; Seaside Resorts; Clothing; Children
Regional Brighton and Hove
Director James Williamson
Duration 1 min 15 secs
Viewing copy
Screen Archive South East, University of Brighton;
35mm print held by the BFI
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