Herne Bay on Ice

  • A Still from 'Herne Bay on Ice' (1963) showing the frozen sea
  • ID no. 1032
  • Accession no. K 950000 / 1
Date February 1963
Production Roy Bell
Collection Ding Dong Films
Theme Seaside
Summary A record of the time the sea froze in Herne Bay. The phenomenon occurred during the severe winter of 1963. The film-maker has added illustrated titles and his own commentary.
Description The film begins with a close-up of a greetings card depicting a child and a snowman on a sledge, setting the wintry theme. A general view of the bay at Hampton shows the frozen water's edge. People walk along the promenade and survey the scene from a jetty. Lingering shots of the broken ice floating through the bay. A man films the ice from the promenade. Wide-angle shots show the whole bay frozen including the icebound pier. Views in the east of the bay where there is slightly less ice. Seagulls float on the ice. A view towards the town from the pier. Crowds watch the ice flow under the pier. Several close-ups of the ice show its texture. The final shot shows the ice's presence diminishing in the bay.
Keywords Beaches; Weather; Winter
Local Herne Bay
Regional Kent
Producer Ding Dong Films
Camera Roy Bell
Duration 6 mins 50 secs
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Screen Archive South East;
University of Brighton
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